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Pure EV electric scooter catches fire! Video gone viral.

Pure EV is renowned and a quit well establish electric scooter with over 25,000 vehicles sold in just 18 months. They have many models of their electric scooters but the most famous and sold models are Etrans-neo and E-pluto 7G whose key specification are, range 120km/h top speed 60km/h and a 2.4kWh li-ion battery.

Pure EV has also been highlighted in many EV journalist’s platforms like “plugin India” and many others, and in those platforms, the company exposed its full assembly line including their battery testing parameters, etc which received lots of attention and trust on the company.

But on 29/Sep/2021 a guy named patrao tweeted a video of horrible incident happens with one of pure EV’s electric scooter.

This raised doubts for not only pure EV’s electric scooter but the whole EV industry. Now customers are doubting electric vehicles to make them their commute partner.
But the point to be considered here is, it’s impossible to eliminate the fire risk in any vehicle however battery-powered vehicles are more sensitive to this issue but petrol/diesel vehicles are also not less exposed to this problem. So, saying electric vehicles are not safe at all won’t be a complete justice, also exploding batteries is not completely natural it may happen due to mishandling of owner. Well keeping all the if and but apart it’s a very concerning issue from the manufacturer’s aspect they must have taken care of this situation and also customer must follow all the safety precautions set by the company for particular electric mobility.

This was not the first incident that took place with an electric scooter after pure EV, on the 1st of October “Okinawa” also caught fire 

How this would have happened and what are the reasons behind exploding an EV battery?

The reason behind pure EV electric scooter explosion. I have created a dedicated post on this topic please read that to understand this scinario.

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