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Most Awaited Electric Cars To Come On Auto Expo 2023

Auto Expo 2023 is on the verge of starting and both manufacturers & Auto enthusiasts are excited to be part of this confluence. This time it’s expected that 80% of the automobiles will be electric fleets only. The Auto Expo represents the future of the Automobile industry; because the future is electric we’ll definitely see more percentage of electric vehicles.

Among all the major Atumobile players Tata is the only company that’s gone bullish on electric vehicles and now became the monopoly in the electric cars market. So it’s highly anticipated that companies like Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Honda cars, etc. will showcase their upcoming EV plans for the Indian market.

Adding to that, Tata Motors is also expected to showcase its upcoming electric cars in India at Auto Expo 2023. The company earlier promised to have up to 10 electric cars in their portfolio by 2030, some of the most awaited electric cars from Tata Motors are, Punch EV, Harrer EV, Avinya, etc. 

Let’s now take a look at the list of the most awaited electric cars at Auto Expo 2023:

1. Maruti Suzuki Y88

Maruti Suzuki is known to be ruling the market in ICE-based cars and despite having so high popularity and many other advantages the company isn’t showing interest in electric vehicles yet. In the most recent statement, the Maruti Suzuki MD said that customers shouldn’t expect any EV from them until 2025.

But in this year’s auto expo, Maruti Suzuki is set to showcase their all-electric SUV Y88 and people are excited about this EV.

2. Kia EV9

Kia is one of the luxury EV makers in India. Presently Kia India has 1 electric car in their portfolio i.e. EV6 and very soon the company is set to add another car EV9. Kia India recently announced their upcoming EV9 on its tweeter handle.

The EV9 is gonna be a premium-segment electric car with high-end specifications and features similar to EV6.

3. Tata Curve EV

Back in 2022, Tata revealed some glimpses of one of its luxury electric cars Tata Avinya. The announcement of the Curve EV came along with it. Tata has aimed for scoring 10 electric cars in its portfolio by 2030 and this is the reason behind its working so rigorously in launching electric cars one by one.

At Auto EXPO 2023 we’ll see the most awaited Curve EV.

4. Tata Punch EV:

The Punch EV will be the electric derivative of its existing ICE-based car Tata Punch, just like Nexon EV. Right now Tata has an option for low-range to mid-range electric cars (Tiago EV to Nexon EV lux). Tata could launch Punch EV for a lower upper segment electric car or the direct price competitor of MG ZS EV.

Tata Punch got a very good response from the customers and many of them already requested it to be launched in an electric avatar too, Tata Motors floated a statement to launch Punch EV soon after that. 

Puch EV could come in Auto EXPO 2023.

5. BYD Seal:

BYD has 2 electric cars Atto 3 and e6 in the Indian market and very soon the company is going to showcase another electric car Seal at Auto EXPO 2023. 

The company has a very unique USP of selling electric cars with blade batteries that give their electric car batteries longer batteries.

These are the top 5 electric cars that people are most interested for to visit the Auto EXPO 2023.

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