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Powertrain cover discontinued from Nexon EV, here’s why

Despite Nexon EV being the most sold EV in India is going through price hikes and cost cutting. In current market condition Nexon EV is the most cost effective EV with almost 80% market capture. From now the Nexon EV buyer won’t be getting any powertrain (or) e-motor cover but it’ll be available as an accessory addon that you’ll need to purchase according to your requirement.

According to the latest update the cover beneath the car bonnet will not come by default and you’ll have to purchase it as an accessory addon. The powertrain cover was provided to keep the car robust and add another layer of protection. However, it doesn’t mean that without the cover the car would become any less protective but the powertrain components would lose a layer of protection from dust and external particles.


It looks Tata motors is now trying to reduce cost by any possible manner. But this change has came along with certain variants only, the powertrain cover for Nexon EV XM, XZ,+ Jet, XZ+ and XZ+ Dark edition will now be discontinued but for rest of the variants like XZ+ lux and XZ+ lux dark edition will continue having E-motor cover. On the whole, the premium variants that cost high will still get the powertrain cover but for cost-effective variants it’ll get discontinued

Will Nexon EV lose safety?

Tata is known for its robust build quality and indeed it’s the highest NCAP-rated car making company in the country. So losing faith in terms of safety is not at point at all and if Tata would remove any component it’ll definitely be tested before discontinuation. So you shouldn’t doubt on the build quality of Tata’s. But yes having a cover does add another level of safety and also gives mental peace.

The concept of covers is actually relevant and important in ICE vehicles and engine is pretty sensitive of external dust and particles and an ICE engine creates much heat and vibration and having an extra layer of safety by a cover is very important. But E-vehicles lacks any such qualities which is one the advantages of electric vehicles and an EV doesn’t actually require any kind of cover. So deleting a cover from Nexon EV will not cause any problem.

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