SVM's Prana electric bike Check Price, Specs and Features.

Prana Grand/Elite:

Price: 2.25/3 lakhs 


Prana at a glance:

Bengaluru-based EV startup led by ex-tesla is making strides in the electric motorcycle market. In India, which is dominated by electric scooters, there are only a handful of E-bike companies and manufacturers. Among the few companies, the startup “Srivaru Motors” is inclined to take the Indian electric motorcycle market to the next level. The Prana Electric bike competes directly with Revolt Motors, Oben Rorr, Emflux Motors, etc.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the Prana Electric Bike, including specifications, price, and user review. Lately, electric vehicles have gained significant momentum due to their low running cost, Govt. schemes & subsidies, and environmental impact so it’s now become essential to talk about electric motorcycles as well.

Prana bike color variant:

Prana electric bike Specifications

At a glance, it has a battery with a storage capacity of 4.2 and 7.2kWh (2 variants Grand/Elite), enabling the scooter to achieve 150 and 250km of IEDC range. Since it weighs 165 kg and has a range of 150km, the range weight ratio is 0.9, which is lower than the Ather 450X, which means it’s a bit less efficient.

Now let’s look at the specifications of Prana Electric Bike:

Key specs of Prana:

charging time
Prana bike Charging time- 4-6hours
top speed
Prana bike top speed- 123km/h
Prana bike Range- 126/223Km

Prana Bike Specifications:

Prana (Grand/Elite) Specifications
Range 150/250 km
Top speed 123km/h
Acceleration 0-60 in 4sec
Motor power 4kW
Drive Type Hub motor
Torque 35Nm
Battery specifications 4.2/7.2kWh | Fixed
Charging time (Grand/Elite) 4.5/6.5 hours
Charging Cost 4.5/7.5 units

Prana Bike Dimensions:

Kerb Weight 165 Kgs
Load capacity 180kgs
Seat height 1115mm
Wheel base 1413mm
Ground clearance 145mm

Braking and suspensions:

Suspensions Front/Rear: Telescopic /Monoshock absorber
Braking Front/Rear: Dual/single disk

Download Prana Full Specsheet:

Prana Electric Bike Features:

The features of Prana is inclined towards a simple yet reliable and futuristic electric motorcycle. Unlike Ola and Ather, it doesn’t have a touch screen or Google Maps, but it does have great utility features that can help the user to navigate and fine-tune their bike.

SVM Prana features:

  • High Performance:
    • Powerful BLDC Hub Motor: The Prana packs a punch with a BLDC hub motor, delivering a thrilling riding experience. This motor generates a healthy 5.36 hp and 38 Nm of torque, more than what you’d find on a Bajaj Dominar 400!
    • Multiple Ride Modes: Choose from four ride modes – Practice (45 kmph), Drive (123 kmph with moderate acceleration), Sports (123 kmph with sharp acceleration), and Reverse (5 kmph) – to tailor your ride to the conditions and your mood.
  • Safety & Comfort Features:
    • 3-Channel Hydraulic Braking System: The Prana has a 3-channel hydraulic braking system with disc brakes on both wheels for assured stopping power. The system also features an engine cut-off function for added safety.
    • Tubeless tyres & Alloy Wheels: The Prana’s tubeless tyres mounted on stylish alloy wheels offer a smoother ride and reduced risk of flats.
    • Digital Display: Stay informed with a digital instrument cluster that displays essential ride data like speed, odometer, trip meter, and battery level.

Prana Switchgear:

The ‘Switchgear’ of Prana is simple yet interesting at the left we get, Passing beam, (high/low) beam, mode changer, (left/right) indicator and a horn button. At the right their is only a killswitch and rest of the space is left empty.

Srivarumotor's Prana Switchgear

Instrument cluster of Prana:

The Prana is given a digital instrument cluster with lot of information loaded in it, however the screen of the cluster is untouchable still it satisfies all the need for the user. 

See Instrument cluster image of prana

Instrument cluster of Prana 

SVM Prana Electric Bike Price:

It comes in 2 variants, elite and grand, and the only difference between both the vehicles is their battery size, range and pricing. Here’s the price breakdown of Prana Electric Motorcycle:

The bike is available in Coimbatore only, and the ex-showroom prices of the Prana Grand and Elite are 1.25 and 2.25 lakh, respectively. The on-road price of the bikes can go upto 1.50 to 2.5 lakh

Prana Electric BikeEX-ShowroomOn-Road
Grand1.25 lakh1.50 lakh
Elite2.25 lakh2.50 lakh

See official video from Srivaru motors

In the test ride, the performance of this bike comes out to be the equivalent of a 300cc bike. The torque of this bike definitely made to beat many performance sport bikes in India. The rider posture and seat comfort are enough for any age person.   

How to buy prana electric bike:

If you are interested to buy this electric bike you need to book this electric scooter by sign in to the SVM motor account and it is required to pay 1999 rupees.  

SVM Prana EV reviews:

We’ve talked with lots of users and EV enthusiasts about the vehicle, and here’s what their compiled review talks about:

Feel of the Bike:

Its first look attracted me, and the bike gives the aura of a racing bike mixed with a daily utility vehicle. The front and the body are designed to be aerodynamic enough to make the bike surf through sharp winds and face any weather upfront.

The built quality is made of fiber plastic, but it’s sturdy.

Performance of the bike:

The bike is filled with potential and gives instant push after pressing the throttle. The bike almost catch up with its claimed range and their’s just 10-20 km of difference between the claimed and real range of Prana Electric bike.

Company Servicing:

Since the bike is available only in Coimbatore, the company is easily able to offer good servicing, but it’s become a struggle for outside Coimbatore customers.

How to buy Prana Electric Bike

The SriVaru Motors are currently available only in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. So if you are from there here’s a step-by-step process of buying an SVM Prana E-Bike:

  • Visit the the company’s official website:
  • Select the variant and click on book now.
  • Now fill in the details and make the payment.
  • You’ll get the estimated date of delivery.

Prana Showrooms and service centers in India

The infrastructure of ‘Srivaru motors’ is not yet developed in other states but the prana has gained a lot of popularity in Tamil nadu.

You can contact Srivaru motors at:-  

B.S Nagar,
Near Kumaran Kottam,

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India
Pin Code – 641402

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