You are currently viewing Tata to launch another Electric car India 2021, Tata Altroz EV

Tata to launch another Electric car India 2021, Tata Altroz EV

Tata Motors is the most dominating company in India when it comes to electric cars. Tata already have their two super popular cars running on Indian roads and among both the cars the Nexon EV has made records in Indian EV market. With Nexon EV the Tata has already captured the Indian electric car market and made it very difficult for any other competitor to survive in this Industry but with the announcement of launching their next electric car with the higher specs but at even more affordable price than the Nexon EV, it has raised excitement  of EV enthusiasts and tension over the heads of competitors. 

As the launch date of Altroz EV is near it has become a sensation in the social media. But before talking more about that let’s see what Tata motors has bought us this time.

Tata altroz EV full information

Tata Altroz EV at a glance:

The Altroz EV is the third electric car from the company Tata motors, and it is believed to be a budget electric car. Unlike Nexon EV and Tigor EV, this car will be priced below 10-13 Lakhs but the specifications and features are not compromised. The Altroz EV will be the electric Avtar of Tata Altroz iTurbo which is an I.C. engine car from Tata Motors. In fact, the look of this EV is also very similar to that of Altroz iTurbo just the air wends and height is changed in the electric variant to attain maximum aerodynamic efficiency which in turn will give a maximum range. However, to keep this car cost-effective it will be reasonable to go slow with few features. Features like charging time, software, and other aspects may look average budgeted but the whole story will be clear after the official launch.

With that been said let’s move on to its specifications and know what this car is made of;

Tata Altroz EV specifications:

As the aim of this car is to fill the void that Nexon EV couldn’t. According to the rumors, Tata can offer their Altroz EV in two variants but surely both the variants will have a higher range and are also affordable than the Nexon EV.

The Altroz EV will use the latest updated version of ziptron battery technology with a PMSM motor to drive the vehicle which will help the car to achieve a higher range than the Nexon  EV. It will be equipped with IP67 rated, water and dustproof Lithium-ion battery pack and it is expected to get at least 7-8 years of warranty on the battery and power-train on Altroz EV.
Now let’s see the specifications table of Altroz EV:


Range 300-500km
Top speed 120km/h
Charging time 9-10 hours
Motor PMSM motor
Ground Clearance 175mm
Height 1505mm
Wheelbase 2501mm
Tata Altroz EV price 12-15 lakhs
Type Hatchback car
  * There is no proper conformation on the battery storage capacity but it will be 40-50% higher than what the Nexon EV has got.

An electric car with a driving range of 500kms that too under 15 lakh price, sounds a quite impossible right. Well here are some possible reasons, the kerb weight of the Altroz EV is 200 kgs lesser than that of the Nexon EV, and the height of the car is also 101mm lesser than the Nexon EV, factors like more wheelbase, low kerb weight, lower height makes the Tata Altroz EV more aerodynamically stable. Also by the excellence of the engineers behind this car, they are able to fit the advanced Ziptron technology battery without affecting the ground clearance or the cabin space.

Tata electric car altroz EV

Altroz EV features:

This car has got a 7 inch TFT display, with a semi-digital instrument cluster. The interior will be very different from what we saw in the petrol Altroz car. The Altroz will be a smartphone connected car, an app will allow the user to see the location, charging status and pretty else every information of the car will be shown to the user on the application. This car is given 16 inches allow wheel with great surface finish and body design. 

500km range in 15lakh INR, How is it possible? Expert review.

The price of any electric vehicle depends upon its parts localization and the technology used. However, the Nexon EV is the most selling and the most popular electric car in India right now but as Shailesh Chandra stated in his latest interview that the Altroz EV has the potential to break all the records set by Nexon EV in India. Here the company has decided to localize as many parts as possible which has reduced the overall price of the car significantly, and when we talk about the range which is up to 500kms per charge, it could be possible due to the latest updated ziptron technology used in the battery of the car, and the aerodynamics of the car is also designed excellently to give highest possible range out of the given battery capacity.

Tata Altroz EV launch date

Tata was planning to launch this great product earlier but due to this covid situation, the launch date has been postponed, and now it’s is expected to be available in the market till the end of 2021.  

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