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Tata Power Solar commissioned a 30MW solar power project in Gujarat.

The Tata power solar has finished the project handed by GSECL for making a 30 MW solar project in Gujarat village Chandarva. Tata power solar has received LOA (Letter of award) from GSECL for building a 92MW solar power system in Jan 2021 which is expected to be commissioned by Tata power to the GSECL by April 2022. But grid solar power system is one of its parts and is commissioned in 8 months as planned.

Tata power solar has exposed this information on their Twitter handle.

Details of this project:

The size of this project was 30MW which was laid over a barren land of area 178.16Acers. The nearby village people would use that land for commutation and personal use and as expected, Tata power solar faced challenges and opposition for the execution of this project but taking both sustainability and sentiments of the villagers into account the Tata arranged them another place for communion and set up the solar plant at the exact same place as planned.

Technical details of the projects:

The main focus of the project was to decrease carbon emission and it is doing pretty well in it by letting 29,442.463 Tons of Co2 off of the atmosphere. This on-grid solar system will yield 76,040MWH of energy annually, with over 1,21,768 solar modules fitted over the area. The whole process of making this project making took 2,56,792 safe men hours.

Using wasteland for making the sustainable on-grid solar power system turns out to be a great idea and becomes a first-of-its-kind solar power system in India.

Along with benefiting the government, it will help farmers by reducing their electric power expenses. 

Tata power solar conducted several sessions and events focused on teaching and raising awareness on sustainable and renewable energy and the importance of solar energy in villages.

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