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In this article we have talked about the best budget electric scooters in India. These electric scooters are good (not too great) at the performance and their specifications, in a value money range. The list of these electric scooters have some of the very famous electric scooters like Ampere magnus EX, Here electric Photon, Okinawa,  etc. If you are about to purchase an e-scooter you must check out this article.   

In this article article we have selected some of the best Revolt RV 400 accessories to make your Revolt bike look unique and become a head turner  everywhere you take this electric bike. The accessories we have chosen for you are examined and tested in real life before suggesting you. Along with just accessories we have also talked about what mistake you should avoid while modifying your Revolt RV 400

The battery space in electric vehicle industry is in the boom right now. As we know the Li-ion is not a sustainable solution environmentally and geopolitically, we must innovate innovation in the battery space and India is the land on innovators. In this article we have discussed about the best Indian startups working on the EV battery space.