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Tiago EV Rival Citroen eC3 Is Set To Debut In India

Citron is one of the most renowned car makers in the global automobile market. They have an ICE-based car C3 available in India and now they are set to launch the electric counterpart of C3 by the name “eC3” which is set to launch in India in the month of February. 

The price of the eC3 is not reviled yet but by looking at the specifications and features the is ë-C3 expected to launch at a price close to the most affordable and cost-effective EV in India (or in the globe) Tiago EV. 

Citron one of the greatest car makers in French is now fastening its seatbelts to join the EV wave in India. Till now we have Tata Motors, the only EV maker in India that is more sensible about what they are doing but Citron looks like the next runner to satisfy this EV surge in India. 

About Citron eC3: 

Now that we are comparing the Citron ë-C3 with Tiago EV you must have guessed already that the car would have been priced under ₹10 Lakh, but here’s all about Citron ë-C3:


Citron ë-C3 



Top speed






Boot Space

315 liters

Charging time

10-80% in 57 min


0-60 in 6.8 sec

Estimated Price

₹9-13 lakh

The ë-C3 is just the counterpart of its ICE modal Citron C3 and unlike Tata Motors, Citron hasn’t made any noticeable change in the look and color make this electric car stand apart in the crowd. You’ll assume this EV is a regular car until you notice its green number plate or the charging port which is placed at the front part of the car. This EV is given a bluish badging of ë-C3 on the side and rear panel of the car.

The car is purely targeted for city rides only which makes Citron being a French origin car maker manufacturing its electric cars in India from ground zero to reduce its taxations and produce an affordable electric car for the Indian market.

Citron ë-C3 Charging:

The ë-C3 is given 2 options for charging fast and slow. It can juice up from 10-80% of battery percentage in just 1 hour by charging through a DC fast charger but if charged from a 15 Amp regular domestic socket it can take up to 10-11 hours for charging 10-100% of the battery.

The company will not provide any wall-box charger with the car. It must be removed to keep the car affordable, but you can purchase it separately on the company’s website as an accessory.

Citron ë-C3 Features:

The ë-C3 is features packed and comes with more features compared to its ICE counterpart. Here’s the complete list of all features in Citron ë-C3:

  • Advanced e-toggle with fully automatic drive
  • My citroën connects the app with 35 smart features
  • C buddy app
  • 26 cm Citroën Connect Touchscreen With Wireless Screen Mirroring
  • Steering wheel with audio and phone controls
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Tall seating with driver seat height adjustment\
  • Flying carpet effect & 180mm high ground clearance\
  • Greater than 70 accessories
  • Room for everybody with impressive 1378mm rear shoulder room
  • Theater-style rear seats & 991mm high front seat headroom.
  • 2540mm of large wheelbase
  • 315 L boot space

Citron ë-C3 Accessories:

This electric car also comes with various accessories, here’s the complete list of all the accessories that come with ë-C3:

  • Car USB double Charger
  • Mobile Charging cable
  • Car Invertor Charger
  • Door Edge Guard
  • Emergency Tool
  • Infotainment Touch Screen Guard
  • Rear Seat Organizer

When will you see Citron ë-C3 on road:

The car will fully launch will price revel in the month of Feb. and hance the pre-bookings are already started we’ll soon be seeing eC3 on road, and company may start delivering the cars soon after the price revel of the car.

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