Effect of coal crisis on Electric Vehicles industry!! Renewable energy.

Coal crises are real! no matter how ignorant we become but none of us can deny the fact that the majority of us are still highly dependent on burning fossil fuels to extract energy from them and supply the electricity in the whole country. 

A report from the national power portal of India says that coal alone contributes a total of 60.16% of all the power produced in India(See the report) which is an extremely alarming situation if we intend to save nature and Mother Earth. In the recent news and headlines, you must have heard or read about the coal shortage in India and as the electricity supply in the whole country is extremely dependent upon coal, this news directly resembles the crisis of electricity supply and this crisis will definitely leave its footprints behind for the whole electric vehicle industry which we will understand further in this article in depth. But before talking about an electric vehicle, aspects let’s understand the reason behind this happening because it’s equally important to know its background.

Reason behind coal crisis in India:

However, the whole world is suffering from this power shortage, but these are the few reasons contributing to bringing coal crisis to India.

  • The reviving economy after 1 year of lockdown
  • Decreasing coal Imports from other countries
  • Monsoon break the momentum of the coal mining after water log issue in the mines, and states kept a lesser stock of coal with them.
  • The sharp transition toward the green energy

Now let’s understand all the four points in detail,
When the lockdown was announced in the whole country it’s the first time in the evolving technology and increasing population that the electricity demands ever decreased in India but everyone knows that lockdown wasn’t permanent but I think the coal India didn’t and as soon as the lockdown opened and the factories restarted to elevate the economy the electricity demand started booming uprising the coal supply but production is still not happening at that level and supporting the global energy shortage the coal crisis became a huge issue for the Indian energy sector.
Now due to the global energy crisis the other countries the international coal prices are shooting up high and India needs to reduce the coal import.
Due to climate change, it happed a really heavy rainfall in the states where there are most of our coal mines and waterlogging happened in the mines which eventually stopped the workers to extract the coal out of the mines. But we are not new to such situations and we already have a master plan to tackle such problems i.e. stocking coal as a buffer so that no blackout conditions happen if water logging takes place. But that too didn’t execute well this time and states also didn’t save the required amount of coal this time.
The sharp transition toward electric vehicles and green energy is a great step but only if executed in a planned way. Some of our global leaders took very aggressive steps towards green energy and tried to throw away their dependence on fossils fuels overnight which is rarely possible to happen. Eventually, their aggressive steps lead us to these energy shortages, and global demand for fossil fuels increases but supply has shrunk into the ocean. 

Watch this video to understand the global crisis properly:

Why energy crisis in Delhi:

There were many questions raising in the social media that why a city like New Delhi even bothering in this coal crisis when they don’t even produce electricity form the coal? Here is the answer, Delhi require approximately 7500MW at its peak and the amount of electricity Delhi produce though these not coal base power plants is just around 1500MW and the rest of requirement Delhi complete is by buying it from other sources which are ofcource coal based Thermal power plants and coal crisis will directly influence those sources and as a result the Delhi government need to increase the per unit price of electricity for consumers or execute the scheduled power cut for the consumers.

You can refer to this video for better understanding:

How coal crisis will affect the electric vehicle industry

As this energy crisis manifested into reality and people started facing the real problems of power shortage and blackout for 8-7 hours every day this has become a concerning issue among EV enthusiasts and electric vehicle owners. However, we are not completely dependent on electric vehicles right now it may not look like a great problem but to make to understand the problem right let’s consider a scenario;

Imagine we achieved complete electrification in India and almost all the public and domestic vehicles run on electric vehicles only and at this point if another energy crisis breaks out and common people left with no or a very little electricity which is just enough to fulfill their home requirement. The major chunk of transportation will stop and come to an end for maybe a very long time. And I believe you must have known how important transportation is!
It could throw a lot of problems toward EV owners and even right now this electricity crisis kind of created a negative image in the minds of potential upcoming electric vehicle customers. But the focus of the scenario is, is there any solution to such conditions? The answer is, Yes

How to get your electric vehicle charged while energy crisis:

“Use renewable energy sources” India has achieved major success in producing electricity from solar energy, we came a long way in producing solar energy generation. Where in 2014 we were generating 2.6 GW of electricity out of solar panels, now in the latest report of the Ministry of new and renewable energy in 2021 we are generating 44.1 GW of electricity, and in the coming future this number is going to increase further. News like these

simhadri solar power plant

shows the intentions of the Indian government and public sectors towards a green and clean future. But government transforming solar power to electricity will be enough to cater to the whole country? If calculated and considering night and season loss the answer you will get is No!

Now you need to go one step further and install your personal solar panel at your rooftop or society which initially will cost you few money invested but eventually you will find saving lots of your money that you would be spending on charging your vehicle and also no energy crisis can affect your lifestyle and traveling on your electric vehicle.


The energy crisis is real, and you need to bear with it until our energy supplies depend on fossil fuels or global and external factors. It will definitely show its negative effect on the electric vehicle industry. But hurdles will come and we need to be positive and focus on the possible solutions to our problems, seeing crisis we can’t stop believing in electric vehicles and building renewable energy sources.    

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