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Ola rocked October with 20,000 electric scooters sold


Ola has again showcased its potential to the haters by holding the no. 1 position second time in a row by selling more scooters than some of its competitors combined. Ola Electric has registered to sell nearly 20,000 electric scooters in just a month of October. Ola was suffering from low performance for the last few months it’s rank in the monthly sales reports just kept slipping by every consecutive month but now it has raised its bars and bounced back in the mainstream electric scooter market. Now Ola is competing with massy scooter brands like Hero Electric, Okinawa, Ampere, etc. which is quite surprising for a brand that targets just the premium segment customers. Let’s discuss more the fall and rise of Ola electric sales figures.

Ola S1 air line up in all colors

The Ola S1 launch saved Ola electric:

Ola S1 acted like a Brahmastra for Ola, it’s on the brink of crises and losses. The wave of negativity in the form of poor customer servicing and the Ola scooter catching fire has impacted the Ola electric brutally. After rising ones, Ola was shrinking down the rank every consecutive month and there was a time when Ola wasn’t able to sell even 2000 electric scooters in a month. But the story took a turn after the launch of the Ola S1 electric scooter. When Ola started targeting a massier audience with a scooter under 1lakh rupees its sales figures just shot up. People start giving more love to the Ola S1 electric scooter and it saves the Ola electric from shrinking.

Ola also launched its S1 air to target a more massy audience under 80,000-90,000₹ which showed more positive results in the sales figures. Ola is expected to grow more and more every month with its amazing updates and developments.

Top contenders of October:

With over 20,000 units Ola stood at no. 1 in the monthly sales report and Okinawa stood at no. 2 with 17,531 units sold in the month of October. Okinawa has always been at the top of the monthly sales list.

Ather energy the closest rival of Ola electric stood at no. 5 with 8,213 units sold within a month. However, the number is lesser than half of Ola but October has been the best month for Ather energy this whole year.

The 3rd and 4th positions were occupied by Ampere EV and Hero electric respectively, Hero electric managed to pull 8,753 units and Ampere did better than that with 9,878 units in a month.


Due to the festive season, almost all the EV markers did a great job this month Ola and Ather the two charms of the Indian E-scooter market also did a really great job this festive season. So, we can conclude that the EV market showed a positive sign this month.

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