You are currently viewing Mahindra XUV400 electric launch date. True rival of Naxon EV

Mahindra XUV400 electric launch date. True rival of Naxon EV

Mahindra is expanding its electric car portfolio exponentially from electric cars like Mahindra E2O, and Mahindra eVerito to electric cars like Mahindra XUV 400, Mahindra XUV e07, etc. Mahindra has gone really far in the electric vehicles game. Until now we only had one undisputed leader in the electric vehicle industry but now it looks like Tata Motors is gonna get healthy competition in the electric vehicle industry. Mahindra looks all set to provide more amazing electric car options to their customers and expand the varieties of electric cars in the Indian market.

line up of all mahindra's upcoming electric cars

Now in the recent news, there are various updates regarding the upcoming Mahindra XUV 400. Mahindra XUV400’s launch date has been revealed and it is 8th of September. Along with that, it has many changes from its EV expo showcased version. We’ll discuss all of it in the article.

Mahindra EV at EV expo 2020:

Just before the first wave of Corona hit India an important event takes place in Delhi, the “EV expo 2020”. This EV expo was held in the month of Feb, that attracted various EV enthusiasts and attracted a lot of crowds. Different EV makers from small startups to big companies like Mahindra participated in this expo and showcased their upcoming electric vehicle models.

At this expo, an electric car from Mahindra attracted many eyeballs which was none other than the “Mahindra XUV 300 electric”. At that time, the conditions for electric vehicles weren’t as good as today. So the Mahindra XUV 300 electric concept was made under the influence of various taxation savings but now as India provides various tax exemptions on electric vehicles it gives freedom for the car designers to make cars according to the best of its requirements.

Mahindra XUV 400:

The electric car showcased at EV expo 2020 is now rebranded to XUV 400 with various modifications in the car. Recently the rumors burst out in the media from a few spy photos of testing upcoming “Mahindra’s electric SUV” that Mahindra very soon will launch an electric SUV that straightforwardly will compete with the most selling electric car Nexon EV.

However, we’re still not sure about the upcoming SUV’s exact specifications, but Mahindra confirmed their upcoming electric SUV will have a length of 4.2 meters unlike XUV 300 that’s just about 3.7 meters.

Mahindra XUV 400 camouflaged testing

Mahindra XUV 400 features (expected):

If Mahindra is planning to sell electric cars in these market conditions then it must be able to compete with the most famous electric car Nexon ev otherwise it can’t survive. So we can expect the upcoming XUV 400 must have the following features:

  • ADS features
  • Connectivity features
  • Updated designs for front and rear.
  • Larger touch screen
  • Updated infotainment panel
  • Single front-wheel drive
  • Dual battery packs

It’ll have a stylish body and breathtaking sunroof and in terms of structure and design, it’ll definitely compete with the Nexon EV.

Mahindra XUV 400 expected price:

For fair competition with the Nexon EV, Mahindra XUV 400 must be priced between 15-18 Lakh INR. As price and specifications aren’t revealed yet we can only guess on it.

Mahindra XUV 400 Launch date:

Most probably, we’ll be seeing the launch event of the XUV 400 electric on the 8-12th of September.

Mahindra’s Upcoming plans for electric vehicles:

On August 15 Mahindra organized a grand event in London where they showcased the line-up of all 5 upcoming electric cars. Most impotently Mahindra introduced the platform INGLO that’s gonna be the base of all the electric cars that Mahindra is gonna manufacture in the future. Mahindra’s electric cars that ‘aren’t’ the electric conversion of ICE-based cars like the upcoming Mahindra XUV e07,e05, etc. will enjoy the maximum benefits from this INGLO platform.


However, the specifications, price, launch date, etc. aren’t confirmed officially yet but it’s highly possible for XUV 400 to compete with Nexon EV and go for sale on 6th September. Mahindra will have to up its EV game to survive its reputation and sales position in the Indian market.

Your Views?

What’s your opinion on this upcoming electric car will the XUV 400 be able to acquire the market of Tata’s electric cars? Or remain just as an option for customers like MG ZS EV.

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