You are currently viewing Ola electric massive price drop. Offer limited till 5 October only!

Ola electric massive price drop. Offer limited till 5 October only!

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Ola S1 pro one of the most well-known scooters has just gotten more pocket friendly, the price is dropped up to 10,000 INR and the offer is limited upto 5 October only. Previously the Ola S1 would come at 1.39lakh INR but as of now, you can purchase at just 1.29 lakh. With this price drop, Ola S1 pro has just got the most cost-effective scooter in India with an average on-road range of 130-150 km. With excellent features and an insane top speed of 115km Ola S1 pro can be rephrased as the best electric scooter in itself in India. But, “Ola S1 pro is not the best electric scooter in India.”

Ola electric with dark background

In this article, we’ll walk another mile and identify why, “Ola S1 pro” despite being a more affordable, and a better product than its close competitor Ather 450X sold less and has a negative brand image. In the end, we’ll also look at why Ola electric needs to give such deals and offers to attract more customers.

Sales graph of Ola electric:

Ola has been sold like crazy at the time when it started delivery and people got the same performance as they were promised virtually. In the period of March-April 2022, Ola S1 pro was sold so much that it entered the list of the top 10 most sold scooters in India. After that people increased their expectations and thought EVs have found their break and now it’ll be exponential growth of electric scooters from here. But after seeing massive demand for its electric scooters Ola increased its ex-showroom price by 10,000 rupees. It subconsciously affected the customers but being cost-effective people didn’t bother much about it, but negative videos of Ola customers started surfacing on the internet and getting viral but the rest of the damage is done by the news of one of Ola’s scooters catching fire in Pune. After that month, Ola electric’s sales declined every successive month.

Here you can say Ola S1 Pro’s price increment has played a vital role in declining its sales.

How Ather is winning against Ola Electric:

Ather has always been like a silent player, it rarely stayed in the news but the sales reports shout their success. Last month Ather hit their best month ever with more than 6000 units sold, and in the recent reports, Ather claimed to break its previous records too with 9000+ units sold.
Ather informed that it isn’t the demand but the supply chain that haunted our monthly sales reports, we couldn’t deliver the scooter to our customers due to a global supply chain shortage. Now that we have sufficient supply and demand our sales are going to explode now.

Now it’s a completely opposite condition with Ola, they have surplus supply but demand isn’t really great. Ather is able to fetch so many sales despite the huge ex-showroom price just because of its robust foundation and extreme R&D. Whereas Ola has become the adjective of hurry and its just giving miserable experience to their customers.

Why Ola offered the discount:

Ola electric in the name of the festive season gave a discount of 10 thousand rupees to regain its lost market. Statically we can see that Ola scooter’s sales started declining from the month they increased the price and now in order to survive in such a competitive market, Ola has again started burning money to gain capture the market.

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Will it be worth it?

On a personal level, I believe yes people must be waiting for this price drop and they aren’t gonna lose this chance. But should they buy it, Yes.

Ola must have been the worst brand to recommend somebody but now with multiple updates, and customer reviews Ola has improved its operations and it is… providing a much better value to its customers now.


Ola is offering a great deal with a 10k rupees discount on the booking of their Ola S1 pro electric scooter till 5 October. Most probably Ola is doing this to attract more and more audiences that it lost due to many disasters that happened with Ola electric. However, now Ola electric has learned from its mistakes and improving its services at a huge level, this discount will really motivate people to purchase Ola S1 pro electric scooter.

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