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Ola Move OS 3.0 launched all features revel | Rollout date


Ola has got its Move OS 3.0 update launched amid the Diwali celebration. Along with just that Ola unveiled many surprises but in this article let’s just talk about Move OS 3.0 and its features. The series of updates Ola bought has just brought improvement in its scooter and made Ola EVs more and more futuristic. The Move OS 2.0 that it launched in 18th June proved to be absolute banger among the customers and took its S1 and S1 pro to next level. The Move OS 2.0 improved the S1 pro many folds and now it’s expected to do the same with the Move OS 3.0.

Ola S1 air line up in all colors

Ola Electric Move OS 3.0 features highlights:

Ola has finally delivered all it promised on the launch. During the launch, it almost seems unimaginable that Ola could ever provide such features and specifications at such a price point, but here we are Ola has come up with Ola giving more than what it promised. Here’re the highlights of Ola Move OS 3.0 updates.

Red ola electric scooter with move os 3.0 features

1.      Proximity Unlock:

This feature will give the scooter the superpower to unlock or lock itself whenever the owner approaches or go away.

2.      Calling on the go:

With Move OS 3.0 you’ll now be able to attend or reject a call on the go without buzzing on your mobile phone. The 7 inches display will provide you to access the calling feature and the auto-reply feature also come along.

3.      Key Sharing:

Access to your Ola electric scooter can now be shared with your friends and family members but not without your permission. With Move OS 3.0 all you need is your smartphone to access your Ola S1 scooter.

4.      Hyper-charging:

Move OS 3.0 will allow Ola S1 owners to access hyper-charging. The company has already installed hyper-charging points in multiple cities and actively expanding the radius of charging networks.

5.      Moods:

“Moods” is one of the fanciest features of Move OS 3.0. It gives you access to change the theme of your Ola electric dashboard into multiple different moods like Vintage, Bolt, etc.

6.      Party Mode:

The party mode in Move OS 3.0 is slightly different from just playing music but music plays a vital role in party mode. This feature will allow syncing all the Ola Scooters around to display the same lights and play the same music in every Ola electric scooter.

7.      Enhanced regen-braking:

With Move OS 3.0 update Ola has made major improvements in its regen-braking the S1 and S1 pro’s to soon come in multilevel regen-braking software.

8.      Vacation mode:

EVs have the major problem of battery depletion while standing still. Move OS 3.0 will solve the issue and provide a battery backup of up to 200 days standing ideal.

9.      Hill Hold:

The Ola S1 and S1 pro will soon get the hill hold feature by which you can no more have to worry about keeping your scooter still on a slanted road.

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Ola Move OS 3.0 rollout:

The Move OS 3.0 update rollout has already begun. If you want to be an early adopter, you can access the Move OS 3.0 beta modal by today itself by signing up for the early adopter on Ola electric website. However, the official update will start rolling out by the first week of month December. In the rollout people, may face some delay in availing of the benefits as not everyone can get the update at once.

Ola Move OS 2.0:

The Move OS 2.0 update brought in various new features. It enabled almost all the crucial features that a smart scooter must have and was in high demand from customers. The Move OS 2.0 started rolling out on nearly 30th June 2022 and reached almost everyone within 2 weeks. It introduced features like:
1. Cruse control
2. Maps
3. Music
4. Ola companion app

How Move OS 2.0 impacted on riding experience:

The OS update had a positive impact on the customer’s many bugs and errors were also fixed after the Move OS 2.0. The features that came along with the scooter made users extremely happy and worth investing 1.5lakh

Will Move OS 3.0 improve S1 and S1 pro:

A big yes, Ola has always brought a better and improved version of the product after every consecutive launch. Unlike many software updates, Ola isn’t gonna go even poorer after the update and it has shown it with their Move OS 2.0 update. But if you are using the beta modal of Move OS 3.0 you may face some inconvenience or issues but after the official rollout, your S1 or S1 pro is just gonna upgrade into a new beast.

You may expect some more surprises & excitement from the newly launched Ola’s merch and community forum Ola electric will never let you down when it comes to amazing people.


The Move OS 3.0 beta rollout has already been started and you can access it by registering on your website, but if you want to avail the official complete rollout then you’ll have to wait till the first week of December 2022.

Yes, based on your experience with Move OS 2.0 you can trust Ola with Move OS 3.0 it’ll just gonna upgrade your scooter

You can request move OS 3.0 beta update by simply going to Ola electric website or just click here

No, the update will be free of cost and automatically come you your Ola scooter dashboard after December.

The update will be visible on your Ola S1 or S1 pro dashboard and after conforming to the update your scooter may reboot a few times and the update will be installed.


The Ola electric is racing to be the most trusted electric scooter brand in India the Move OS 3.0 is just another element to become the one. The Move OS will get to every Ola electric scooter owner very soon but Ola still holds many surprises with itself like its upcoming electric car and much more. We’ll keep you updated with every action of Ola electric, stay tuned for more such awesome blog posts.

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