You are currently viewing Top 10 most sold Electric Scooters in India. Okinawa & Hero Falling!

Top 10 most sold Electric Scooters in India. Okinawa & Hero Falling!

TVS Motors is rising up the rank with every passing month whereas Okinawa with was once considered the top contender in the electric 2-wheeler market, is now losing its position. January was pretty much good for every EV maker except for Chinese EV doppelgangers. The beginning of 2023 seems to justify every EV maker and their sales in India.


Ola electric remains at the number one position with 16,000+ electric scooters sold. Ola eclectic always makes itself to remain in news very often due to its updates and especially a very dynamic CEO Bhavesh Aggarwal’s tweets. That remains a large impact on sales numbers and marketing/publicity. The band has a very gray image in the market with various positive and negative talks, but as long as it isn’t harming the brand value and sales numbers it’s good for them.

TVS Motors stayed at number 2 with 9000+ electric scooters sold. The second version of TVS S and ST seems to be working well for TVS motors, as it was the month of September with TVS made it to the list of top 5 electric scooters sold in the country and after that, the company stick to the list and now it has out numbers the Ather Energy, Hero Electric, Okinawa and achieved the second position in the list. Right now the company is resisting to launch of its most premium and valued model ST due to FAME 2 subsidy issue. But the company’s sales will definitely skyrocket after the launch of TVS iQube ST.

Ather energy at third position, silently sitting with a very consistent sales figures of 3000+ electric scooters sold.

Bad news for Okinawa and Hero Electric:

Okinawa and Hero electric’s sales figures are dipping since the government dropped FAME 2 subsidies provided to both companies. Okinawa and Hero Electric has to increase their prices which resulted a dip it sales figures. 

This time Okinawa stayed at 5th position with close to 4000 units sold in January 2023. Hero Electric sold 5000 units and managed 4th position. 

Okinawa Autotech has been accused of rebranding Chinese electric scooters and selling them in India many times. But the government took strict action against such companies and withdrew the FAME 2 subsidies given to EV makers who aren’t obeying the right way to sell their scooters.


List of top 10 electric scooters sold in January 2023:

Here’s the complete list:

Ola electric16,447
TVS Motors9300
Ather Energy7898
Hero electric5628
Okaya EV1080
Kinetic Green954
Pure EV652

Source: Vahan Portal


So this were the top 10 E-scooters sold in India in January 2023. If you are interested to follow important news related to electric vehicles, you can count on us. Follow us on all our social media to stay updated.

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