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Here’s how Tata’s are planning to be the ‘Mafia’ of EV market.

As we all know Tata motors conquered more than 80% of the electric vehicles market in India. Among a few strong contenders like Hyundai, MG, etc. Tata motors’ growth has been phenomenal. But if you investigate deeper into the success of Tata Nexon EV, you’ll find out it isn’t just the quality of the product that Tata delivered but also various other factors that pushed those customers to look up to Nexon EV only who are willing to buy an electric car.

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You might think it’s just because no other mainstream company like Maruti (or) Mahindra has launched its electric car yet so people have no choice but to purchase Tata’s Electric car. But believe me no matter what Mahindra or Maruti do, defeating Tata is a ‘tough row to hoe’. In this article, we’ll discuss why is it next to impossible for any other company to snatch the electric vehicle market from the arena of Tata Motors.

I’m personally very excited to put my point of view in front of you and imagine how amazed you will be after looking at the whole strategy of Tata motors to rule the electric vehicles market.

Tata is ‘all in’ for electric vehicles:

‘Electric vehicles are the future’ I know it’s cliché but very true at the same time. In such a period when other companies are avoiding electric vehicles and kind of trolling its idea of existence, Tata took the opportunity and decided to enter the electric vehicles market. You can imagine the desperation of Tata that they launched their most popular Nexon EV without even conceding the critical period of covid-19.


Tata debuted in the electric vehicles market in 2019 October with its first domestic electric car Tigor EV which was the electric continuation of their ICE vehicle Tata Tigor, but it did work out well. However, seeing the market feedback Tata identified that people need a good electric car and are ready to pay a reasonable price for the same. After analyzing the market and observing the upcoming trend in the market, Tata started working rigorously and initiated immense R&D for making a successful electric car that India will find worth buying and launched their most successful electric car Nexon EV.

Nexon EV was launched on May 2022 and due to its price, offering, and most importantly “looks” this electric car instantly started receiving an overwhelming response from the market, and within no time Nexon EV made Tata Motors the king of electric vehicles.

Now Nexon EV has started appearing at the top on the list of total car sales reports of Tata Motors. Seeing such a huge demand from customers Tata has decided to go all in and unlike other companies, they’ll focus more on electric vehicles instead of keeping selling more and more ICE vehicles.

Tata has decided to have a line-up of 10 electric cars and has not displayed any major planes for their ICE-based cars which shows their eagerness to shift their production line to electric vehicles.

Tata is solidifying the foundation for their e-vehicles:

Tata right now doing everything in their capacity to build the right eco-system for normalizing electric vehicles among its customers. Investing multiple crores, partnering with various companies, signing MoUs, and on top of that utilizing resources of their group companies like Tata powers, Tata steel, TCS, etc. give them an immense superpower to compete with others in the market.

This is super important for electric vehicles to get as easier to access as any ICE vehicle. Today your conventional petrol, or diesel vehicle would fuel up in just 5-10 minutes considering a busy petrol pump. Also if your ICE vehicle gets stuck or breakdown, you will get to access n number of garage or service center which is not even close to electric vehicles.

Proper eco-system is a huge gap in electric vehicle market and Tata has shown a proactive approach to grab this opportunity for filling this gap. On the bases of this solid foundation, Tata is building its empire of electric vehicles that no one else can conquer.

Tata got the back of Indians

For many years Tata has contributed everything to taking the country forward. Even today Ratan Tata the absolute gem of India has got the guts to scarifies his everything for the goodwill of the Nation. Due to this immense respect and brand value Tata get a sentimental advantage over other companies.

Due to this brand support, whenever an Indian sees a Tata product we are hard-wired to feel the patriotism within us. The closest upcoming Tata electric competitors are Maruti Suzuki, MG, Hyundai, etc. which are all non-Indian brands, and while deciding which electric car to buy the “Made in India” factor will definitely have its impact on people.

Tata Group of companies helps in cost-cutting

The major drawback of electric vehicles is their upfront cost. Battery vehicles are costlier than ICE vehicles when it comes to the ex-showroom price, however, the cost of ownership adjusts within that. The government is highly incentivizing owning an EV for a common middle-class person but right now companies need to put equal efforts into lowering E-vehicle costs and increasing EV adoption in the country. Here Tata gets an unfair advantage against other car-making companies due to its group of company effect.

Tata Motors is just a car maker but it has the support of other companies like Tata steel, Tata chemical, Tata Elaxi, TCS, Tata power, and many more. Tata group is an EV universe in itself that allows them to make huge cost-cutting and get their customers comparatively more affordable electric vehicles without compromising on the quality of their products. In fact, electric vehicles are known for their reliability and strength.

Tata companies working for electric vehicles

Tata owns a company for almost every curtail component used in electric vehicles. This gives them the superpower to adversely reduce costs and they don’t need to depend on other companies for the most crucial components required in making EVs. Here’s a small explanation of how do they do that.

Tata Steel:

Get high-quality steel at a lower cost to make chases of their electric vehicles.

Tata Power:

Help making charge stations and set up the proper eco-system their electric cars.

Tata Chemical:

It would get them high-quality batteries at a lower cost.

Tata Elxsi:

Elxsi would get them the best in market BMS for their batteries.

Tata Finance:

Have one of the best finance firms in-house.

You can read the whole article upon this here:

Have an EV for every market segment:

Tata is making an empire of electric vehicles where they’ll have an EV for every market segment, from affordable to luxury. To understand this properly you can look at the top-selling electric scooter brands, i.e. Hero electric & Okinawa. Both brands have always been at the top of the list since the first EV boom in India itself and the only reason for their huge success is, they have a wide range of electric scooters. Both Okinawa and Hero Electric have a really long category of electric scooters that make them able to cater to customers of every market segment.

Similarly, Tata has announced to have 10 cars in their EV line-up that will cater to every segment of the market. Recently Tata announced to launch of a more affordable electric car Tiago EV which is expected to be under 13lakh. Tata is bringing their EV prices as-low-as as conventional petrol/diesel cars it’ll motivate more people to switch to electric.

Here’s the list of their upcoming EV lineup:

  1. Tata Nexon EV
  2. Tata Tigor EV
  3. Tata Tiago EV
  4. Tata Avinya
  5. Tata Punch EV
  6. Tata Harrier EV
  7. Tata Curve

More cars are still to be announced

Why no other brands can compete:

In general, the monopoly or competition is broken via identifying the gap in the market and filling it up, and Tata is working rigorously to fill all the possible gaps in the market. Also, Tata didn’t build this EV universe overnight, it took them decades to come to this position. Since the barrier to entry is very high, it’ll be next to impossible for any other company to replace Tata in this market.

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