You are currently viewing Ola electric December offers list of all discounts in 2022 end

Ola electric December offers list of all discounts in 2022 end

Many EV companies including Ola electric are giving various discounts and offers on buying their scooters or availing their services to make this year memorable. The year 2022 came as a boon for many EV firms, the YoY sale of most of the companies has crossed 150+% on average for each EV maker. So, to make this super successful year memorable Ola is throwing a series of offers and discounts for their buyer, the offer is valid till 2022 end only. Now let’s take a look at all the offers and discount that Ola electric has got for their customers.

Ola electric December offers:

Following the “December to Remember” offer here is the full list of all the benefits:

Financial discounts:

  1. Get any of the Ola electric scooters Ola S1 pro, Ola S1, or Ola S1 Air at Zero down payment (Just take away the scooter without paying even a paying penny).
  2. Take away Ola electric scooter at a low-cost EMI of as low as 2500/month
  3. Interest rate as low as 8.99%
  4. Processing fee nil (0)
  5. Get rewards for referring Ola scooters to your friends and family up to ₹1500 referral bonus and the person who got referred will get ₹4,500 cash back.
Ola electric charging

Comforting offers:

  1. Hand-to-hand delivery at the experience centers
  2. Giving away Hypercharging stations access for 1 year at free of cost
  3. Get services like roadside assistance, doorstep servicing, labor cost, spare parts, etc. for free for upto 1 year.

How to Get Ola S1 pro for Free:

Ola electric is giving away 10 electric scooters to 10 lucky customers completely free of cost. Here’s the complete detail on how you can get an Ola S1 pro scooter free of cost.

Ola has floated a raffle program for its customers through which Ola will pick 10 lucky customers and give them a brand-new Ola electric for free. To get apply for this program all you need to do is visit the experience center nearest to you and take a ride on Ola electric scooter through which your name with all your details will be captured in Ola Electric’s data center and they will pick random winners from the list.

Why Ola is so kind for its customers:

2022 has proved to be a lucky charm for Ola electric, the company has seen its highest and lowest phases and faced multiple challenges at ones in 2022. But Ola electric fought through them, won the market and now it’s the most selling electric scooter brand in India with more than double the sales number of its competitor. So for giving a happy farewell to the year 2022 Ola is planning to close this year with its record high sales. This strategy of Ola electric will undoubtedly increase its popularity and put an adverse impact on its sales figures.

Recently Ola’s CMO (Chief marketing officer) shared many positive remarks about the company and provided information about its referral program along the way. He says the word-of-mouth product quality has helped Ola electric to grow exponentially. To sprinkle more flavor into this happiness Ola is planning to spread the happiness and introduced a referral program through which one can refer scooters by his/her affiliate/referral link in return for a green future and ₹1500 and the person got referred will get 4500 cashback on the purchase of the scooter.

An interesting fact: Ola electric has grown exponentially in the last 3 months to having 50% market share in the electric 2W alone.


Yes but only the selected one. To know what offer you are eligible for please contact your nearest Ola experience center.

– Ola to have hyper charging network open in every city of India very soon

– Visit the Ola experience center near to you and just take a test ride of Ola electric. If you are lucky you may get an Ola S1 pro for free of cost.


Ola Electric offers and discounts are open now and you can avail them all until 31st December 2022. If you are willing to buy the Ola electric S1 pro, S1, or S1 Air, this is the right time to make a purchase for the one.

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